Industrial Commercial Grade Chemicals, Lab Chemicals, Authorized Dealers of Qualigens, Mumbai, India


  Zero Air Generator
Nitrogen Air Generator
Cylinder Bracket & Trolley
Gas Distribution Panel
Mechanical - Automatic Manifold Panel
Oil Free Compressor & Vacuum Pump
Water Purification System


  TSP HPLC System
Temperature Controller
Netel Gas Chromatograph
Hplc Loops
Jasco Hplc System
Waters Hplc System
Parallel Display Balance
Shimadzu Hplc System


  Manual Manifold
Fume Hood
Gas Flow Meter
Digtal Automatic Manifold
Uv-Visible Spectrophoto Meter
Tubing & Casing Caping
Ir & Ftir Accessories
  Mak Gas Chromatograph
Rheodyne Injector
Chemito Gas Chromatograph
Hplc Column Oven
Ultrasonic Bath
"Qualigens" Lab. Glass wares, Filter Papers, Chemicals, CultureMedia,Disinfectants,Liquid Handling Instruments, Water Test Kits. Laboratory & Industrial Chemicals Surgical Items, Test Sieves, Scientific Instruments & Equipments, Thermometers, Silica ware, TLC Plates, HPLC Columns, Membrane and All kinds of Labware & Accessories.

Industrial Commercial Grade Chemicals

Authorized Dealers: "Qualigens" Lab. Glass wares, Filter Papers, Chemicals, Culture Media, Disinfectants, Liquid Handling Instruments, Water Test Kits.

Industrial & Commercial Grade Chemicals.

Lab Chemicals and other ranges, etc.

Filters Papers and other ranges.

Pall / Millipore / Sartorius :- Membrane Filters, etc.

BOD Incubators, Temp. Bath,
Magnetic Stirrers, etc.

Digital Weighing
Balances, etc.

Digital pH Meters,
Digital Conductivity Meter, Spectrophotometer, etc.

Micrometers, Varnier Calipers, etc.

Vials, Septa, etc.

Specific Gravity & Density Hydrometers
with / without Calibration Certificate.

Thermometers with / without Calibration Certificate.

pH Meters, Conductivity Meters, etc.
Grease, etc.

Test Sieves, Sieves Shakers, etc.

Lab. Plastic wares like Beakers,
Conical Flasks, Dessicators, Tygon / Silicon Tubes, etc.

Micropipettes, etc.

Karl Fisher Titration Apparatus, etc.

Microliter Syringes, etc.

HPLC Columns / TLC Plates, etc.

Spectrophotometers Cells, Quartz Cells, etc.


Digital pH Meters, Conductivity, etc

We Provide Anything And Everything Of Any Material, Related To Scientific Industries / Laboratories.

Industrial Commercial Grade Chemicals
Industrial Commercial Grade Chemicals
Industrial Commercial Grade Chemicals
Industrial Commercial Grade Chemicals
Industrial Commercial Grade Chemicals

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