Ion Pair Reagents

Ion Pair Reagents

Ion-pairing reagent, a kind of reagent used in lab, can strengthen the retention of ion samples if added in mobile phase of reverse-phase chromatography. Ion-pairing reagents can improve the ion exchange ability on the surface of the hydrophobic bonded phase and can better control the retention of acidic or alkaline samples under mild mobile phase pH conditions.

Ion-pairing reagents absorb on the column bed through hydrophobic part of reagent( Heptane group, dodecyl group,etc.) to interact with stationary phase of column, which enables stationary phase to have ion-exchange ability, thus strengthening the retention of analytes with opposite charge.

Grade Laboratory Reagent Grade (LR)
Packaging Details Bottle of 250 ml
Technique Compatibility Ion Pair Chromatography
Purity 99%
Usage/Application Laboratory

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