Pipette Stand

Pipette Stand

Pipette Stand
Channel 6 Channels
Usage/Application Chemical Laboratory
Material Polypropylene
Brand Scitech
Color White, Blue, etc.
Autoclavability Not Autoclavable
Dimensions 323 mm x 195 mm
Rotating Head 360 Deg.

Pipette stands are an essential instrument of the brand TARSONS, POLYLAB, THERMO SCIENTIFIC in the laboratory environment, which is a well-known supplier, distributor, and trader in India. A pipette stand's aim is to firmly and safely keep all varieties of single or multichannel pipettes while not in use. Many laboratories frequently find themselves with an excess of portable devices that require organisation, such as burettes, wash bottles, micropipettes, and so on, and this is where a well-made strong pipet holder comes into action - offering dependable storage for your pricey equipment!

A pipette stand is a laboratory item that is used to protect and arrange pipettes. The contents of a pipette stand vary depending on its size and purpose, but it commonly includes:

  • Pipettes: Because pipette stands are intended to accommodate pipettes of various sizes, the major content will be pipettes of various sizes.
  • Pipette tips: Depending on the design of the pipette stand, it may also include pipette tips compatible with the pipettes.
  • Accessories: Some pipette stands may include accessories such as a trash receptacle or a place for disposable pipette tips.
  • Cleaning equipment: Because it is critical to maintain pipettes clean, certain pipette stands may include cleaning instruments such as a brush or cleaning solution.
  • Labels: Some pipette stands may have labels to show the size or kind of pipette to help keep the pipettes organised.
  • Usage handbook: Some pipette stands may come with a user manual that explains how to use and care for the stand.

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