Sealing Film

Sealing Film

Scitech Scientifics approaches tray sealing film with a unique viewpoint. We make every effort to supply trays and film that are compatible. Sealing a tray with film prolongs the shelf life of the food, ensures no leaking on the way home and seals each compartment separately from the other.

Depending on the tray sealing equipment, the film is either manually placed on top of the tray or the tray is automatically positioned under the film. Once in position the film will be sealed and then either straight cut or die cut around the tray.


  • High seal ability on all kinds of our trays
  • Choose Easy peel off or Hold tight
  • Absolute leak proof and hygienic
  • Transparent film with Anti-Fog treatment for high visibility of the content
  • High temperature resistance, suitable for microwave
  • High tensile strength

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