Silane Compounds

Silane Compounds

Scitech offers a wide range of silane and silicon compounds in research and commercial quantities that are employed to enhance adhesion, increase mechanical properties of composites, improve dispersion of pigments and minerals, provide crosslinking, immobilize catalysts, bind biomaterials.

Silanes are also utilized to protect, synthesize, and derivatize functional groups in organic synthesis. They can impart hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface characteristics. Applications include Advanced Ceramics, Adhesives & Sealants, Alternative Energy, Conductive Coatings, Dielectrics for Microelectronics, Micro-Particle Surface Modification, Optical Materials, Photolithography, Separation & Diagnostic Sciences.


Silanes have a wide range of use and are found in many applications. Silanes are used in some fiberglass and composites to improve mechanical strength, and electrical properties. Paints, inks and coatings often use silanes to increase resistance to abrasions as well as increased adhesion, thermal stability and crosslinking. In polymer systems silanes are often used as dispersing agents for fillers, and a crosslinking modifier that improves the mechanicals properties of the polymer/silane blend. Silanes also are used in adhesives and sealants that increase adhesion, temperature and chemical resistance.

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