Sintered Wares

Sintered Wares

sintered glass wares

Sintered glassware is glassware from the THIASIL/INFUSIL brands that has gone through a high-temperature sintering process. The glass particles are heated to a temperature just below their melting point until they fuse together to create a solid mass in this procedure. Scitech provides sintered glass wares of a porous glass disc as a filter medium principally used for the filtering of liquids, gases, gas washing, dispension, and absorption, which is widely distributed, traded, and supplied in India by well-known distributors, dealers, and suppliers.

Sintered glassware is very resistant to thermal stress and is extensively used in laboratories for purposes such as filtration, diffusion, and gas dispersion. Sintered glassware may be created in a variety of forms and sizes, including discs, tubes, and rods.

Some common examples of sintered glassware include:

  • Sintered glass filters: Sintered glass filters are extensively used in labs for liquid and gas filtering. They are frequently used in combination with a vacuum pump to accelerate the filtration process.
  • Sintered glass crucibles: They are employed in high-temperature applications such as melting metals or performing ashing processes on samples.
  • Sintered glass bubblers: They are utilised in gas dispersion applications and are frequently used in combination with a gas chromatograph.
  • Sintered glass frits: These are tiny bits of sintered glass used in scientific applications such as chromatography and gas sampling.
  • Generally, sintered glassware is noted for its durability, resistance to chemical assault, and capacity to sustain high temperatures.

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