The term “Solvents” refers to a class of chemical compounds described by function – the term derives from Latin, meaning roughly to “loosen” which is Rankem brand. Solvents are a well-known distributors, suppliers, and traders in Mumbai, India. Solvents from Scitech Scientific are the perfect way to clean and prep surfaces for painting, repair, or manufacturing use. Our professional-grade solvents come in a variety of formulations to meet a range of application needs - waterless cleaners for general degreasing, solvent systems for light oils & greases, and high-strength alkalis & acids — all designed with safety and performance as top priority features. All our solvents have been tested rigorously so you can be sure they will do the job right every time!


Diverse and adaptable solvents satisfy specific needs to produce goods with the best performance characteristics, such as spray paints that dry quickly and don't clog the spray nozzle, inks that don't smear, paints that look good and last a long time, and powerful cleaners that are good for difficult, greasy jobs.

Solvent Types : Solvents can be categorised chemically according to their chemical structure.

  • Carbon-based solvents
  • Oxidised solvents
  • Chemicals with halogens

Manufacturers of solvents must abide by a number of federal and state regulations, including those governing industrial hazardous waste storage and disposal, workplace exposure limits, specifications for the safe transport of chemicals, and rules regarding the release of chemicals into the atmosphere, land, and water.

Applications of Solvents

  • Solvents are powerful products that can be used in a variety of industries and applications, from degreasing to thinning paint residue. Our selection includes options like turpentine, mineral spirits, acetone and more - making it easy to find the right product for your project.
  • Sourced only with top-quality ingredients, our solvents provide fast-acting solutions without sacrificing safety or performance results directly related to the task at hand; helping you save time on any project by utilizing their optimal performance when applied properly.
  • If you need help finding just the right type of solvent for a specific application we have experienced professionals ready to assist through each step of your decision process - so don’t hesitate reach out! All order inquiries will receive same day response times alike too all customer service questions & concerns as well allowing us deliver quick and efficient services no matter what job assignment is needed done today!

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